Continental’s ‘digital guardian angel’ has wings

Continental is taking the opportunity to educate conference goers on four of its mobility solutions – including the company’s Wrong Way Driver (WWD) detection and notification services, Mobility as a Service (MaaS) platform, intelligent intersection solution and guardian angel solution.
September 20, 2022
Photo credit: ITS International
Photo credit: ITS International

In particular, Continental’s MaaS platform allows organisations to connect and manage their fleets across vehicle types and brands.

Intelligent Intersection Vantage Fusion is an infrastructure-based radar and vision system developed in collaboration with Iteris that provides a 360o perception of an intersection, allowing organisations to identify, track and communicate on behalf of all traffic participants.

Finally, ‘digital guardian angel’ is a Cloud- and cellular-based solution that enhances V2X ecosystems by calculating a vehicle’s route over the next five seconds using GPS and speed data from cars and smartphones.

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