EDI celebrates innovation success

EDI is inviting visitors to help celebrate more than 6,000 ATC cabinets sold to date. Over 50 agencies have adopted the standard, including large innovative cities like Los Angeles and Montreal. EDI says ATC has had the fastest adoption rate of any cabinet standard in history.
September 21, 2022
Dr. John Shearer of EDI
Dr. John Shearer of EDI

With safety devices installed in over 350,000 intersections across North America, EDI expertise helps bring transportation to a new level with safer, smarter, greener technology.

Use of the innovative ATC solution can modernise ageing infrastructure, reduce traffic congestion, improve air quality, and enhance mobility and safety to support Vision Zero.

The Advanced Transportation Controller (ATC) traffic cabinet is designed to support smart city technology and multimodal transportation, including bicycles, pedestrians, automobiles, parking, rail, transit, and freight.

The latest and most-capable standard ATC will easily operate from simple, to large complex intersections. Innovative agencies are requiring more capabilities and signal performance data from their connected intersections, and ATC can tackle it all.

As EDI points out, safer, smarter, greener ATC technology provides better control of traffic signals. ATC is designed to simplify the complex and ever-expanding roadway capabilities.

The Smarter – 32 channel ATC standard can replace all cabinet types: NEMA TS-1, NEMA TS-2, ITS, and Caltrans 33X.  ATC smart city technology like V2X, enhanced connectivity, more powerful I/O and lower energy, adapts to each agency’s unique needs and promotes LED usage and solar applications.

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