Ekin innovates for a smarter future

Ekin is pleased to welcome partners and visitors to its stand as it showcases the company's latest innovations that help cities globally improve safety, efficiency, and sustainability.
September 19, 2022
Monica Moosbrugger of Ekin
Monica Moosbrugger of Ekin

These award-winning innovations are leading the way with an all-in-one platform by utilising advanced AI analytics in an all-embedded solution. The range of multi-function mobile and fixed solutions will be on display, including advancements such as Micro Patrol and the most recent Spotter modules that include a solar panel for off-grid locations. Visitors can experience first-hand how cutting-edge technology, combined with an elegant design, is transforming the future of smart cities.

Micro Patrol offers parking and traffic management in a compact solution for vehicles, cycles, and motorcycles. It can identify licence plates in low-light situations, inclement weather, and hazardous traffic conditions, providing highly accurate ALPR while on the move.

The Ekin Spotter is smart city furniture that incorporates innovative modules with multiple applications and advanced features. These include traffic monitoring, 24-hour surveillance, and an eco-city module that can help cities collect valuable data such as heat and humidity at a time when understanding weather patterns is becoming increasingly important for cities. All data collected from mobile and fixed solutions is managed by a Cloud-based central management platform that offers a state-of-the-art, all-in-one user experience.

Ekin is a pioneer in AI-driven automation and hardware and software that provides a fully integrated, modular, and easily upgradable smart traffic management system.

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