Kapsch is full speed ahead with AIMES ‘Intelligent Corridor’ project

Kapsch TrafficCom’s David Bolt, VP Sales and Solution Consulting for the APAC region, will provide an update for attendees on how the Kapsch and AIMES Intelligent Corridor project is going and explain six defined use cases focused on congestion management and improving road safety. The project was launched by Kapsch TrafficCom in March of this year together with the University of Melbourne and the Victorian Department of Transport (DOTVic), supported by an Australian Research Council (ARC) Linkage grant from the Federal Government.
September 20, 2022
David Bolt of Kapsch
David Bolt of Kapsch

“Our idea is to use new and existing technology to provide effective “change levers” to traffic operators, improving the transport network and the surrounding environment for all traffic participants,” Bolt says.

Covering a 2.5-kilometre stretch of Nicholson Street, the intelligent corridor uses sensors, Cloud-based AI, machine learning algorithms, predictive models and real time-data capture to improve traffic management – easing congestion, improving road safety for cars, pedestrians and cyclists, and reducing emissions from clogged traffic.

The intelligent corridor marks a significant new phase, providing a new level of monitoring, with sensors on every intersection and a host of initiatives that will create a world-leading traffic management system.

The Kapsch Intelligent Corridor is part of the AIMES (Australian Integrated Multimodal EcoSystem) network. AIMES is the world’s first and largest ecosystem for testing emerging connected transport technologies at large scale in complex urban environments. It incorporates over 100 kilometres of road network in Melbourne and receives support from the Victorian Department of Transport.

To learn more, attend David Bolt’s presentation today, Tuesday, in hall 406A or visit the Kapsch TrafficCom stand.

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