Lanner teams with Hailo on smart cities solution

Lanner Electronics is showcasing the LEC-2290H, an AI-powered traffic video analytics and monitoring system for smart cities, at ITS World Congress in Los Angeles this week. Lanner collaborated with leading AI chipmaker Hailo to design and create the edge AI appliance which can be mounted anywhere from lighting poles, buildings or smart poles deployed across the city.
September 21, 2022
Gary Chien of Lanner
Gary Chien of Lanner

According to the company, pushing AI to the edge of the network allows traffic management and monitoring applications to become independent from the performance, networking and security challenges associated with Cloud computing.

The LEC-2290H features a rugged computer embedded with an industrial-grade AI acceleration card powered by up to six Hailo 8 processors. Featuring wide operating temperature, low power consumption (35W) and ultra-high Tera Operations Per Second (156 TOPS), the rugged edge AI appliance enables multi-stream AI video analytics for traffic management applications such as adaptive traffic lights, vehicle prioritisation, parking access and detection, and electric tolling.

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