Panasonic’s charging system is electric

With electric vehicles making up an ever-increasing percentage of new cars, the ability to recharge them as efficiently and as quickly as possible is paramount. With that in mind, Panasonic Automotive is showing for the first time its latest charging product.
September 20, 2022
Hiroyuki Kyojo of Panasonic
Hiroyuki Kyojo of Panasonic

The new Onboard Charger System (OBC), which was developed for a European OEM, can deliver 22kW to an electric vehicle. This follows on from two 11kW models.

The higher capacity is the latest model’s most important characteristic, said Hiroyuki Kyojo, head of research & development at Panasonic Automotive’s charging business. “It’s very important to reduce the charging time. We’ve been developing a high-power charging system for almost 10 years. Now we’ve achieved it.

“As far as we know, it’s the most powerful on the market. Power density is a very competitive point.”

The system, which operates on the AC system, is on the market now, Kyojo added.

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