State DoTs discuss the big issues

From sustainability to equity of access, from funding to Covid recovery: there are many issues facing transportation agencies today – and what better way of addressing them than getting some of the biggest names in US transportation into a room together? The State DOT Roundtable, today at 3pm to 4.30pm in Room 411, does exactly that.
September 19, 2022
© Simone Hogan
© Simone Hogan

The speakers read like a who’s who of public transit, with some of the biggest names in the industry on hand to chat for 90 minutes of informed debate and discussion.

Carlos Braceros, executive director of Utah DoT and current chair of the AASHTO Design Committee will be there, along with Laura Chace, president & CEO of ITS America; and Jim Tymon, AASHTO executive director. Also present is Shante Hastings, deputy secretary/chief engineer of Delaware DoT; Shawn D. Wilson, secretary of Louisiana DoT; Tony Tavares, director of Caltrans; and Yassmin Gramian, secretary of Pennsylvania DoT.

Luke Reiner, director of Wyoming DoT will be giving his views along with Paul Ajegba, director of Michigan DoT. Roger Millar, secretary of transportation, Washington State DoT; Russell R. McMurry, commissioner for Georgia DoT; Jim Ports, secretary of Maryland DoT; and John Barton, SVP of HNTB.

Premier sponsor of the event is HNTB, with supporting sponsors Velodyne Lidar and IBI Group, and it promises to be an insightful exchange of views.