Teledyne Flir has smart thinking at its core

Teledyne FLIR is showcasing the full spectrum of its smart city and traffic management solutions at ITS World Congress in Los Angeles. The solutions provide signal control, data analysis, incident response and public transit monitoring.
September 20, 2022
Dominique Abt of FLIR
Dominique Abt of FLIR

Using intelligent AI and the FLIR Acyclica Cloud platform, cities can apply AI-powered camera data to predict traffic, prevent congestion and potential accidents and create safer roads for motorcyclists, cyclists and pedestrians.

The star of the show for Teledyne FLIR is the company’s intelligent thermal imaging sensor for traffic monitoring in complex urban environments. Based on AI algorithms built on more than 25 years of traffic detection and thermal imaging, TrafiSense AI delivers continuous vision and data collection for safer, more intelligent cities.

Capable of tracking multiple objects in any lighting condition, the advanced edge-based AI technology effectively controls intersections, helps protect vulnerable road users and gathers detailed traffic data for better city planning decisions.

"Through our high-performance family of thermal cameras, sensors, smart cities management platforms and underlying software, Teledyne FLIR for the past 25 years has revolutionised how traffic flows on roadways around the world by employing field-proven solutions to help vehicles and pedestrians alike move safely and smoothly through complex urban environments,” Jason Messerschmidt, senior director of sales, public safety solutions, Teledyne FLIR, said in a written statement.

“Teledyne FLIR ITS is at the forefront of intersection management, wrong-way driving detection and automatic incident detection developed through the integration of leading-edge sensing technology across the electromagnetic spectrum.”

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