AEye sets sights on Lidar solutions

AEye, a global leader in adaptive, high-performance lidar solutions, is showcasing its 4Sight M Adaptive Lidar and demonstrating live pedestrian tracking.
March 29, 2022
Yannick maurice of AEye
Yannick maurice of AEye

Visitors can find AEye in three locations here at Intertraffic. At the company’s own stand (5.424) there will be demonstrations and experts are on hand to discuss the capabilities of the company’s 4Sight M high-performance, software-configurable adaptive lidar for safer autonomous industrial and mobility applications.  

At the Seoul Robotics stand (5.466) visitors will be able to see, via live demos, how AEye’s 4Sight M integrates with Seoul Robotics’ perception software to deliver a complete solution for long-range object detection. The result is best-in-class 3D perception for vehicles, cyclists, and pedestrians at distances beyond 300 metres.

Meanwhile, the Intetra stand (1.304) will demonstrate how the advanced feedback loops and optimised scan patterns of AEye’s 4Sight M lidar enable high resolution detection in tolling areas, regardless of vehicle type, speed, traffic flow, light, or weather conditions.

As AEye points out, with CASE (Connected, Autonomous, Shared, Electric) driving the need for smarter traffic infrastructure, existing camera-powered traffic systems collecting rudimentary data are no longer sufficient. Lidar can detect in all weather and lighting conditions, and provide accurate, reliable 3D data at longer ranges than camera alternatives, helping authorities respond faster, reduce the cost of operations, predict conditions and be more preventative with safety measures.

Stand 5.466

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