Get 4Sight into what matters most

AEye is highlighting 4Sight M, a software-defined Lidar sensor that delivers high-performance, cost-effective sensing solutions optimised for a range of ITS application. These include automated tolling, automated incident detection (AID) and smart intersections.
April 25, 2023
Get 4Sight into what matters most


Leveraging a software-definable architecture to identify and focus on what matters most, 4Sight enables the perception system to locate and identify objects earlier, and track these objects over time, allowing for faster, more reliable perception. Early detection and more accurate, timely perception means that better decisions can be made. AEye says this is critical for signalling to a vehicle when it’s safe to proceed, or improving traffic flow through toll booths, intersections, and city streets.

4Sight M comes equipped with libraries of exclusive performance modes designed to achieve highly accurate detection, perception, and classification of both long and short-range objects. AEye says the system produces the most exact motion forecasting in all environmental and weather conditions. It is designed to complement the use of cameras and radars in existing applications and can be upgraded for future requirements without hardware modification.

Its sensor-based operating system enables the customisation and enhancement of data capture across countless mechanical and environmental requirements. AEye says it is the only Lidar solution that can be optimised for placement, tolerance, and application to deliver high-confidence data.

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