Aeye has eyes on the lidar prize

AEye and its system integrator partners are showcasing the unrivalled flexibility of software-configurable Lidar to support any ITS application and improved 3D perception. Demonstrations include long- and short-range detection capabilities for automated tolling, incident detection, pedestrian traffic flow and smart intersection safety, powered by AEye’s 4Sight perception solution.
September 20, 2022
Brent Blanchard of Aeye
Brent Blanchard of Aeye

AEye and Intetra will showcase their state-of-the-art Lidar-based tolling solution. The automated tolling system, powered by AEye’s 4Sight M Adaptive Lidar, provides greater reliability at a lower-cost over inductive loop systems and other above-ground detection modalities, including camera and radar. The solution can provide data for up to eight lanes of traffic per sensor, collecting information such as vehicle speed, trajectory, type classification, tagging, dimensions and timestamp, without false or missed detections due to adverse weather conditions. AEye is also showcasing data collection and visualisation capabilities with Grid Matrix. The first-of-its-kind Lidar integration enables more accurate detection and counts, better position, speed and heading to guide smart city decision-making. Traffic management agencies can use the information for real-time or historical analysis to make smarter decisions.

“We’re excited to share a wealth of information with attendees at this year’s ITS World Congress, especially how adaptive Lidar delivers a level of safety, accuracy and cost-savings not achieved before.

“Traffic and ITS managers who meet with us will be better prepared to plan ITS initiatives, as well as to respond to grant opportunities like the Smart programme, which leverages advanced smart community technologies and systems to improve transportation and efficiency,” said Brent Blanchard, AEye’s SVP of industrial markets.

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