Bridging gaps between diverse ITS communities

ERTICO - ITS Europe fundamentally operates as a dynamic hub at the heart of the global Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) community. Its pivotal role enables the fostering of knowledge sharing and collaboration, promoting an environment ripe for innovation and cooperation. ERTICO unites stakeholders from all corners of the globe, driving the ITS agenda forward and ensuring the deployment of smart mobility solutions that meet the evolving needs of societies Worldwide.
March 19, 2024
Joost Vantomme of Ertico
Joost Vantomme of Ertico

The organisation's platform-centric approach plays a crucial role in connecting the diverse ITS communities, encompassing academia, industry, and policy-making. ERTICO serves as a catalyst for dialogue, merging ideas and experiences from various perspectives. This collaborative intelligence is essential for addressing the challenges of modernising transportation systems, enhancing sustainability, efficiency, and accessibility.

ERTICO's strength lies in its capacity to encourage global cooperation, creating avenues for cross-border collaborations that share insights and technologies across geographical divides. This network not only speeds up innovation in the ITS sector but also supports the adoption of standards and practices beneficial on a global scale.

ERTICO's efforts to advance the ITS agenda are evident in its alignment of the global ITS community's objectives with broader societal aims, such as environmental sustainability, economic growth, and social equity. Through its initiatives, ERTICO empowers stakeholders to contribute to a transportation ecosystem that is technologically advanced, ethically responsible, and geared towards the greater good.

In summary, ERTICO - ITS Europe's platform is more than a mere exchange forum; it's a cornerstone for a future where Intelligent Transport Systems are central to creating a more connected, sustainable, and fair world. Through global collaboration and a commitment to progress, ERTICO is driving the ITS community towards a future where smart mobility solutions profoundly benefit societies worldwide.

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