Navigating the future: 30th ITS World Congress in Dubai

Ertico – ITS Europe is organising the ITS World Congress, which takes place from September 16-20 this year: here are some thoughts on why you should book your place…
Mobility as a Service / June 25, 2024
Dubai with Tolerance Bridge World Congress AV image: Roads & Transport Authority Dubai)
Tolerance Bridge, Dubai (image: Roads & Transport Authority Dubai)

This year, Dubai takes centre stage as it hosts the landmark 30th ITS World Congress organised by Ertico in collaboration with Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA). Attracting up to 20,000 participants from over 100 countries, the Congress stands as a premier event in smart mobility and sustainable transportation.

The ITS Congresses bridge the worlds of mobility, technology and innovation, gathering experts, policymakers, and stakeholders from industry and academia to advance the intelligent transport systems (ITS) field. Recognising that mobility challenges transcend borders, these Congresses address not only local and national concerns but also global ones, fostering a worldwide dialogue on smart mobility solutions.

Driven by Ertico every two years in Europe and every third year in the EMEA region for the ITS World Congress, these events lead the charge in global ITS collaboration and innovation. 

This year’s congress in Dubai marks a landmark occasion as the first ITS World Congress in United Arab Emirates, spotlighting the strong partnership between Ertico and RTA. This partnership underlines a mutual commitment to pushing the boundaries of smart mobility, with Dubai’s innovative landscape and RTA’s strategic vision creating an ideal backdrop for the Congress.


Future of Mobility Summit

The Congress will explore in-depth critical topics such as urban mobility, clean transportation, digitalisation and autonomous vehicles. With over 800 international speakers and more than 200 technical sessions, it promises groundbreaking research and transformative insights, positioning itself as a key platform for global leaders to exchange cutting-edge strategies and solutions.

A highlight of this year's Congress is the Future of Mobility Summit. This exclusive event will bring together leading decision-makers from across the EMEA, Asia-Pacific and Americas regions, including governmental representatives and industry leaders, to engage in high-level dialogues that benchmark sustainable mobility efforts.


“The Congress will explore in-depth critical topics such as urban mobility, clean transportation, digitalisation and autonomous vehicles”


Reflecting the Congress's broad appeal, the audience includes a balanced mix of public and private sector attendees, facilitating a unique blend of perspectives that enhance the dialogue and development of future mobility solutions worldwide.

Attendees will also experience the latest technological innovations through exhibitions, live demonstrations and exclusive technical visits. These include advances in autonomous vehicles, traffic management systems, micromobility and innovative aerial services, showcasing the role of ITS technologies in fostering safe and sustainable urban environments.

The Congress will also serve as a vital forum for thought leaders to share insights, tackling global challenges like urban congestion and climate action, and advancing the ITS industry’s agenda. Extensive networking opportunities will connect policymakers, industry experts and academics, fostering international collaborations and driving collective goals forward.


Integration of smart technology

Hosting the event, Dubai will demonstrate its integration of smart technology to enhance daily life and manage services efficiently. The city’s commitment to innovative urban planning will be showcased, serving as a model for global replication.

As we look forward to the 30th ITS World Congress, we invite you to register now and secure your early bird passes for #ITSDubai2024. Whether you’re a start-up, a policymaker or a professional seeking networking opportunities, ITS Dubai 2024 promises to be an enriching experience that will shape the future of transportation.

Join us in Dubai to contribute to and benefit from this transformative journey - your gateway to the future of intelligent mobility at a Congress that is more than just an event; it’s a nexus for innovation and progress in the global mobility landscape.

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