Sernis unveils road safety innovations at Intertraffic

Sernis is here at Intertraffic to unveil an array of groundbreaking innovations in road safety.
April 17, 2024
Fernando Afonso of Sernis
Fernando Afonso of Sernis

Highlighting its lineup is the SR-IPW Inductive Road Stud, simplifying installation with its Plug & Light concept, reducing installation/maintenance time and costs. Paired with an external controller, it offers versatile control options for diverse road safety needs.

Sernis offers an extensive lineup of innovative road studs designed to enhance road safety and visibility. The SR-Crossled range, including the SR-Crossled-150 and SR-Crossled-L, improves crosswalk safety with its discreet design that blends seamlessly with urban environments and effective alert system for distracted drivers and pedestrians.

Nominated for the Intertraffic Awards 2024 – Green Globe Award – SR-ECO-BALI is an eco-friendly bollard, that repurposes decommissioned optical fiber cables to enhance visibility and delineation in urban areas.  

Sernis' flexible bollards range includes SR-BALI with high impact resistance, SR-BALI-LF for highway visibility, and SR-CITY-BALI for urban safety. SR-CITY-BALI-TL features pedestrian-activated LED lights, while SR-CITY-BALI-TSL provides solar-powered illumination.

The company’s variable message signs (VMS) feature durable LED technology for enhanced visibility in all conditions, complying with European standards and seamlessly integrating with existing traffic systems.

Sernis says its strength lies in problem-solving. With its multidisciplinary engineering team, the company develops customised solutions to address unique challenges. The SR-SDSFOG system is a prime example of that, offering vehicle detection and warning in adverse weather conditions like fog, enhancing road safety. This system was developed to address a critical issue on Spanish highways.  

Explore Sernis’ diverse range of innovative road safety products here at Intertraffic, including road studs, flexible bollards, LED signs, crosswalk solutions, and ITS, all tailored to specific needs.  

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