Sernis tech to combat crosswalk distraction

Drivers and pedestrians will both be kept safer with Sernis' SR-CrossLED road stud
Detection, Monitoring & Machine Vision / February 20, 2023
Crosswalk pedestrian safety vulnerable road user road stud (image: Sernis)
Large lighted area has a great visual impact, making it almost impossible for oncoming pedestrians or drivers to overlook them (image: Sernis)

SR-CrossLED range – a new kind of road stud developed by Sernis - may be the most promising technology to reduce crosswalk accidents related to distractions by drivers and pedestrians. 

SR-CrossLED-L must be installed on both sides of the road between the sidewalk and the crosswalk, to alert distracted pedestrians when they are approaching the crosswalk. 

SR-CrossLED-S must be installed on top of the white lines creating a homogeneous illumination of the crosswalk - the perfect device to alert distracted drivers when they are approaching the crosswalk. 

The large lighted area of both devices has a great visual impact, making it almost impossible for oncoming pedestrians or drivers to overlook them. 

The SR-CrossLED increases the safety and visibility of crosswalks at night while also conserving the scenic character of the streets.

Sernis road stud

Ready for all roads

This solution features a robust and long-lasting structure with high strength, as proven by certification to European Standard EN124, class D400. 

SR-CrossLED lies flat on the surface, ensuring that it will not disturb movement.

The anti-skidding surface prevents sliding accidents on motorcycles and bikes, and both solutions are completely waterproof. 

The structure of the SR-CrossLED products enables quick and easy maintenance and replacement of the electronic module in the crosswalk, without the need to drill holes and remove the entire device from the ground. 

This is critical in this sort of application since it takes out the need for roadworks.

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