Daktronics has a crystal-clear message

Visitors to the Daktronics booth will experience what it’s like to have LED screens in a traffic management centre (TMC).
April 25, 2023
Jason Morrison of Daktronics
Jason Morrison of Daktronics

Attendees can view the image quality the ITS industry has come to expect from Daktronics’ over-the-roadway signs.

That same technology is available in the TMC, further enhancing transportation operations. This viewing experience makes it clear that direct view, high-resolution screens are essential for quick decision-making.

“Daktronics has more than 30 years’ experience in the ITS market worldwide,” says Jason Morrison, Daktronics market manager for the transportation sector. “By putting our advanced LED technology right in the command centre, the traffic management team can see everything as it happens.”

LED video displays provide clear, crisp images, allowing operators the ability to see each detail from every angle in any lighting condition. The modular design of Daktronics LED video displays allows for any size configuration. This seamless set-up eliminates breaks in images and allows operators to view news, weather, and live camera feeds all on one screen.

All Daktronics products are tested to ensure durability and reliability to withstand the test of time. By installing products with quality components, TMCs can maximise operations and ensure the team keeps traffic moving in the right direction.

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