Daktronics’ configurable LED displays aid real-time decision making

With traffic management centres handling ever-increasing volumes of data and video feeds to monitor and manage the flow of traffic, the efficient visual representation of this information has never been more vital.
March 22, 2024
Daktronics’ configurable LED displays aid real-time decision making

Daktronics’ solution is configurable LED technology that provides traffic management centres with seamless, direct-view LED displays which create a common operating picture. As will be demonstrated at its booth at ITS America 2024, these provide critical information to operators via an efficient display, essential for making real-time decisions.

The display can be any size imaginable and the details are visible from any angle in any lighting. Content can be zoned, featuring unlimited camera feeds, maps, news, weather, DOT data feeds and more.

“Daktronics has been a long-time technology provider for the ITS industry worldwide,” says Jason Morison, ITS, Parking & Public Transport Market Manager at Daktronics. “We are proud to provide the capabilities of direct-view LED, especially to create greater efficiencies in command centres which ultimately leads to safer roads.”

As a leader in digital manufacturing, Daktronics is committed to longevity and quality, conducting end-to-end high-quality testing on components based on decades of experience. This includes measuring light output and colour properties to ensure the direct-view LED displays perform from any vantage point in any light.

“Efficient decision making is about timing,” says Morrison. “With Daktronics technology, images and information on direct-view displays are always visible no matter the ambient lighting in the command centre. This ensures your team can see what they need to for real-time decision making, keeping traffic moving in the right direction.”

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