Iteris heightens mobility in Texas

Visitors to the Iteris booth will get an insight into the company’s data-driven solution for analysing and improving maintenance of traffic (MOT) during construction projects. It provides traffic signal monitoring and key insights into the health of signal operations and hardware during roadway building.
April 25, 2023
The Iteris Texan team
The Iteris Texan team

Iteris’ MOT service is dedicated to helping contractors and agencies maintain an acceptable level of mobility within the physical constraints of a project.

By utilising pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ) cameras, state-of-the-art traffic signal detection and controllers, communications, and analytics, Iteris can quickly identify hardware failures and signal timing issues for safer, and more efficient, traffic flow during construction.

Iteris personnel leverage sophisticated cloud-based software, ClearGuide Signals, and expertise to monitor the traffic controller and detection system. Alerts are provided to the contractor with an initial diagnosis of any issues. As a result, contractors can respond quicker and more effectively to on-site needs if issues cannot be resolved remotely by Iteris personnel.

“Among the key benefits our customers see are accelerated response time, more efficient use of personnel, increased detection uptime for better signal operations, enhanced safety and better traffic flow,” said Allison Palumbo, Iteris senior traffic engineer based in Texas.

Iteris’ intersection-based MOT includes a centralised database manager to store, upload and download controller timing; signal performance measures (SPM) analysis and operations monitoring; detection health and performance monitoring; alerts for detection or controller issues with initial diagnosis; signal timing adjustments for optimal traffic flow; data communications with Iteris-supplied cellular service; and initial set-up and integration.

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