StreetLight brings transportation intelligence to EV planning

The electric vehicle (EV) revolution promises to reduce transportation emissions dramatically, create a new market, and change driving habits. But only if public agencies, chargpoint operators, and commercial properties locate their chargers in places where people will actually use them. As StreetLight will demonstrate to visitors, its transportation intelligence for EV infrastructure ensures that operators can place chargers based on critical driving behaviours.
April 11, 2023


In Nevada, StreetLight’s software powered Jacobs’ work on the state's charger deployment plan and funding request. The team is also overlaying StreetLight’s demographic metrics to support NDOT's public outreach, promoting equitable distribution of funds, and meeting current Justice40 requirements.

StreetLight has rolled out its EV infrastructure solution at a time when demand for chargers has never been higher. The US has set a goal of over 500,000 public EV chargers and federal money from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law is available to support that growth via NEVI funding and the Charging & Fueling Infrastructure grant.

Transportation intelligence ensures you place your EV chargers where they are needed most by providing critical insights into travel demand patterns, including trip purpose and length; demographics of travelers; vehicle dwell time at different locations; relative activity of EV trips compared to non-EV trips; and existing charger deployment.
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