TomTom finds its way to StreetLight Data

Global geolocation data will be incorporated into StreetLight's cloud-based offerings
Classification & Data Collection / August 25, 2023
By Adam Hill
Data geolocation traffic analytics TomTom © Cjit25 |
TomTom's traffic analytics is based on anonymised speed data from 600 million connected devices (© Cjit25 |

StreetLight Data is incorporating TomTom's geolocation data into its cloud-based products which are designed to help make travel patterns clear.

TomTom’s historical and real-time traffic analytics is based on anonymised speed data from more than 600 million connected devices worldwide.

“For a decade StreetLight has been committed to finding and leveraging the best data sets available to give our clients access to transportation metrics and insights that help them make better, faster and often less expensive decisions about critical transportation and infrastructure work," says Laura Schewel, StreetLight CEO and VP of transportation software at parent company Jacobs.

"Transportation has big challenges, and we have big ambitions to help meet them. This includes expanding into new products and new geographies."

Ralf-Peter Schaefer, VP for traffic & travel information at TomTom, says: "By combining our data from millions of trips globally with StreetLight’s industry-tailored solutions, we enable transportation planners, road authorities, and businesses to make informed, accurate decisions, thereby reducing congestion and improving mobility.”

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