Synapse ITS sparks urban mobility innovation

Urban mobility is changing – fast. Electrification is surging, automated vehicles are hitting the streets, and micromobility is suddenly everywhere.
April 26, 2023
Steve Sandbo of Vance Street Capital with the management team from Synapse
Steve Sandbo of Vance Street Capital with the management team from Synapse

While vehicles are an easy focal point of the transformation, the fact is they’re only part of it. The other, just as critical, part is the transportation infrastructure these vehicles - and people - connect to.

That’s the focus of Synapse ITS, a comprehensive new transportation technology platform from private equity firm Vance Street Capital, conceived to spark innovation and help cities actualise the vast benefits of data, connectivity, and enhanced safety.

Uniting the industry-leading brands Eberle Design Incorporated (EDI), Polara Enterprises, Carmanah Technologies and Diablo Controls, Synapse ITS leverages the expertise and pioneering spirit of each business to deliver high-performance systems that are both technologically advanced and simple to install and use.

From intersections to highways, crosswalks to parking areas, Synapse brands have a decades-long reputation for setting the standard by which others are measured.

Now, as apps, software and connectivity open the door to new possibilities, Synapse ITS is once again leading the way with new physical and digital tools that help agencies increase safety, optimise resources and meet Vision Zero goals. To see what’s next in transportation technology, visit Polara (Booth 400) and EDI (Booth 1200).

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