Synapse ITS: a year of pioneering technology – and counting

Synapse launched at ITS America’s 2023 event and it will return to this year’s event with a message: in the ever-evolving landscape of urban mobility it is easy to overlook the foundational element of transportation ecosystems - infrastructure. Synapse ITS says it is dedicated to driving innovation and empowering cities to harness the full potential of data, connectivity and critical safety enhancements.
March 25, 2024
Synapse ITS: a year of pioneering technology – and counting

Beneath the Synapse ITS umbrella, long-established brands Eberle Design (EDI), Polara Enterprises, Carmanah Technologies and Diablo Controls continue to their commitment to quality and a shared vision for creating high-performance systems that embrace connectivity solutions.

Visitors to Synapse’s booth in Phoenix will be able to experience enhanced pedestrian safety and accessibility at pedestrian crossings, with a demo of Polara’s MUTCD-compliant Accessible Pedestrian Signal (APS) and Audible Information Device (AID). They will also be able to see how the Field Technician and Pedestrian smartphone app supports the APS and how the AID seamlessly integrates with Carmanah's RRFB crosswalk system.

With its MX series, Carmanah provides three year’s free remote access to its RRFB crosswalk systems and school zone beacons. And a live configurable demo at the booth will allow visitors to witness first-hand the transformative potential of the MX Cloud software.

EDI will showcase its latest conflict monitors with a demo of a fully fitted Advanced Traffic Controller Cabinet (ATCC), where visitors will be able to witness how its new Field Service App streamlines technician’s workflows and enhances troubleshooting efficiency.

So, if you want to know what’s next in transportation technology, get to Phoenix where Synapse (and 100+ other exhibitors) have a booth and see it for yourself.

Booth 1245

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