Connected vehicle project for Kapsch in northern Spain

Info from new RSUs in Port of Bilbao will feed into existing project on A8 highway
Classification & Data Collection / July 4, 2024
By Adam Hill
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The city of Bilbao, northern Spain (© Allard1 |

Kapsch TrafficCom has extended its involvement in a connected vehicle initiative in northern Spain.

It has teamed up with the Port of Bilbao, providing three new roadside units (RSUs) - and one 'virtual' RSU - which will operate throughout the port, facilitating communication between vehicles and infrastructure. 

Set to go live this month, the information collected and shared by the units will feed into the connected mobility control centre which forms an integral part of the A8 highway project with Kapsch, announced in 2023.

It means drivers in the port will have access to information on weather conditions, crashes, roadworks, traffic congestion, obstacles and speed limits, as well as being able to contribute information to the system, "improving the information quality and timeliness", Kapsch says.

“By providing drivers with accurate and timely information, the Port of Bilbao will increase awareness of traffic conditions and improve overall traffic safety," says Javier Aguirre, MD for Spain and Portugal at Kapsch TrafficCom. "For an economic hub, it is exceedingly important to ensure a steady flow of traffic to avoid congestion and stalled delivery of goods.”

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