ALPR cam the size of a credit card

German company, Carrida Technologies will unveil its brand new Carrida Cam Dragon+, a ready-to-use and standalone camera that features onboard licence plate recognition. It can also determine the specific make and model of cars and classify different types of vehicles, such as car, delivery vehicle, truck and bus. This enables detailed traffic statistics and is powered by AI-features of the well-proven Carrida SDK.
September 15, 2021


Compared to the company’s proven and cost-effective Carrida Cam Basic+, the new device provides three-times higher performance, while still maintaining the ultra-compact size, hardly bigger than a credit card. The new model is available with different optics and the company says it can be deployed in unlimited ALPR applications, from access control and parking to safety, security, and law enforcement, to tolling, traffic management and smart city applications.

The new device perfectly matches the powerful Carrida SDK ALPR-Engine and enables real time data streaming via standard network protocols.

Stand B5.505

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