Citilog ventures into great outdoors

Citilog is venturing into the great outdoors with its incident detection analytics, thanks to advances in AI and deep learning. The 700-camera Citilog CT-IM Analytics system is being deployed along roads around Cairo in Egypt
October 14, 2021
Eric Toffin of Citilog
Eric Toffin of Citilog

Citilog CT-IM Analytics was developed originally for incident detection in tunnels. “But advances in deep learning has meant that the CT-IM analytics system can now be used outdoors where the environment is not as stable as in a tunnel,” said Eric Toffin, chief executive of Paris-based Citilog which has been part of the Tagmaster group only since April.

Inside tunnels there is little air movement, no rain, stable humidity and no harsh light. Outdoors there is changeable weather such as variable winds. “We can now achieve the same performance outdoors as we do in a tunnel and eliminate around 90% of disturbances that would give false data,” said Toffin. The system is now suitable for bridges and large highway projects.

CT-IM Analytics provides automatic real-time incident detection with alarms and associated video evidence within seconds of an occurrence. The system’s detections and traffic statistics are managed by a CT-Center, a centralised software suite for configuring, tuning and filtering alarms.

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