Qualcomm on right road to safety

Qualcomm Technologies’ partnership with mobility platform Spoke has taken centre stage on the US wireless technology provider’s stand at ITS World Congress
October 14, 2021
Jim Misener of Qualcomm
Jim Misener of Qualcomm

The company is using its cellular Vehicle to Everything (C-V2X) to help improve safety for cyclists by enabling direct communication between road users, vehicles and roadside infrastructure without the need for a cellular network.

The form factor, previously engineered for automotive use, has been altered for bikes, enabling vehicles to identify vulnerable road users using the same C-V2X technology used in vehicles.

Jim Misener, Qualcomm’s global V2X ecosystem lead, is confident about the development of C-V2X over the next few years: “The technology constantly evolves but it has to be interoperable with future technology.”

Looking ahead to the next ITS World Congress in Los Angeles in 2022, he said: “By LA, we’d anticipate that the FCC would have finished its deliberations on C-V2X. And in two years’ time we are in China, where you’ll see a mature system, with 100 cities and 14 or 15 OEMs. China has a head of steam. The effects of that deployment will be profound.”

The important thing about C-V2X is that it is applicable all over the world, with a few tweaks. “It’s the same underlying hardware with some difference in protocols,” explains Misener.

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