Optibus socks it to them

Optibus is seeking to create happy passengers on public transport by showing operators different route planning and scheduling scenarios
October 14, 2021
Joshua Fahimifar of Optibus
Joshua Fahimifar of Optibus

“We allow companies to move to the native cloud, a serverless environment which allows them to compute Big Data more quickly,” says Carmine Chiuchiolo of Optibus. “The upside of that is companies can start modelling their operations. Passenger happiness is the main goal. A mapping facility allows you to layer data – for example, origin and destination or social and demographic data.”

The power of the AI solution is that it allows you to deal with the day-to-day running while also seeing where they could improve.

“We want to allow companies to find that marginal percentile of improvement which allows them to win bids and have happier customers,” says Chiuchiolo.

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