Butterfly’s ZoneAware system takes flight

It’s ironic, but workers preparing to carry out repairs to make roads safer put themselves at risk as they change signs to alert motorists to their presence.
September 21, 2022
Cory Beimesche of Butterfly Junction Technologies
Cory Beimesche of Butterfly Junction Technologies

“What happens at the moment is that workers go out to do construction work and to change messages [on roadside traveller information systems] or turn the signs on,” said Cory Beimesche, CEO of Butterfly Junction Technologies. “To do that, they have to stop at the side of the road and type in the messages. That’s an unnecessary risk.”

Butterfly’s new ZoneAware system works by detecting a GPS sensor either installed on the work vehicle, or on workers’ safety vests.

“We detect when workers enter the workzone and we would automatically turn on the variable message signs or adjust the speed limits. When all the workers have left the zone, we would reverse the sign changes.”

The company is also demonstrating its BumbleDrive system, an advanced traffic management system that can tie together devices such as CCTV monitoring, travel time calculations and weather detection systems.

“We take any connected device and orchestrate it. We have a dashboard where we can do automated workflow orchestration between devices.”

Other systems can do this, but not without extensive customisation, added Beimesche. “It really comes down to ease of integration.”

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