Citymos simulation product is market-ready

CityMoS says its City Mobility Simulator has matured from a research project in Singapore to a market-ready mobility simulation product. The spin-off company, called intobyte, provides computational modelling using CityMoS, a simulation mobility platform.
September 20, 2022
Photo credit: ITS International
Photo credit: ITS International

CityMoS is capable of simulating city-scale transport systems at high resolution and covers all aspects of private, public and commercial transport.

Contrary to existing traffic simulators, CityMoS focuses not only on traffic patterns but on the mobility of individuals – chains, activities and mode choices. It combines modelling and simulation research with parallel computing techniques to answer a wide range of mobility related what-if questions.

CityMoS can be used to support the transition to electric vehicles, the design of novel intelligent transport system solutions, the introduction of new modes of public transport and the mitigation of traffic emissions such as carbon dioxide or heat.

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