Denso cracks the code to growth

Denso, the inventor of the QR code is back for another round—using ITS World Congress in Los Angeles this week to unveil two next generation versions of the iconic cypher. Powered by blockchain technology, the two codes increase the carbon footprint traceability of vehicle batteries, helping to build trust and reliability in supply chains while contributing to greater sustainability as electric vehicles become more prevalent.
September 20, 2022
Hirotsugu Takeuchi (left) & Shinnosuke Tanaka of Denso
Hirotsugu Takeuchi (left) & Shinnosuke Tanaka of Denso

The first new QR code overlays two separate codes on top of one another. Read by any camera application on a mobile phone, the stacked code can unveil more information than a single code—including list of materials, sourcing information and other pertinent supply chain data. Manufacturers may need to use the overlaid codes if space is limited or an existing code is already imprinted on the piece of equipment.

The second new QR code is invisible to the naked eye and can only be read with a special infrared reader. The latest versions of the iPhone, Android and other mobile devices come equipped with an infrared reader or users can purchase an adapter. These ‘hidden’ QR codes are useful for security reasons or for printing on top of existing graphics or logos.

The next-generation QR codes are part of Denso’s Peace of Mind initiative with the aim of “creating a safe and seamless world for all”. The company is also showcasing products at the show that fit into its Green initiative that aims to achieve carbon neutrality by 2035.

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