EU Green Deal needs place for ITS

European groups have expressed concern that a European Union move to decarbonise transportation does not take account of the ITS sector’s importance.
September 19, 2022
Joost Vantomme of Ertico
Joost Vantomme of Ertico

The EU’s Green Deal is underpinned in part by Taxonomy Regulation 2020/852, which seeks to establish a framework to facilitate sustainable investment. To do this it introduces so-called ‘technological screening criteria’ to define what an environmentally-sustainable economic activity actually is.

But in a letter to the European Commission, Ertico - ITS Europe, the Conference of European Directors of Roads, toll association Asecap, the European Automobile Manufacturer’s Association, IRF Global and the DSRC Interest Group are worried that ITS has been left out.

Ertico CEO Joost Vantomme calls on the European Commission to take action: “We are convinced the Taxonomy Regulation requires a thorough technical screening criterion that clearly reflects the importance that ITS and the EU transport policy bear on the goal of the EU actions towards greening transport,” he writes.

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