Green light for emergency response day

Emergency Response Day has returned to the ITS World Congress in Los Angeles this year, giving delegates and visitors the opportunity to see how smart technology is helping to ensure safety in the most high-pressure environments.
September 20, 2022
© Viorel Margineanu |
© Viorel Margineanu |

For police, fire and ambulance services, every second counts as they race to get to incidents or save lives – but with urgent response comes risk to other road users and to responders themselves. That is why events and demonstrations run throughout today’s ITS World Congress programme to highlight how it is possible for responders to safely navigate evolving smart city infrastructure. Education sessions include The Critical Role of Technology in Managing Traffic Incidents (10.30am-12pm 411 Theater) and there will be a workshop on Development and Implementation of a Comprehensive National Traffic Incident Management Training Program – a United States Success Story (1pm-2.30pm Room 404A).

Demonstrations include Axon’s Tethered Drone Scene Monitoring, Haas Alert’s Connected Vehicle/V2V Digital Alerts, and the City of Los Angeles Fire Department will be showcasing its electric fire engine.