ITS Indonesia builds for the future

ITS Indonesia – host for the upcoming 19th ITS Asia Pacific Forum 2024 – reports that it is currently focusing on building a Hub Centre in the soon-to-be new capital of Nusantara. All Nusantara’s traffic management will be managed in an ITS
September 19, 2022
Photo credit: ITS International
Photo credit: ITS International

Hub Centre in order to develop future intelligent transport systems throughout the planned city that will replace Jakarta as the capital.

ITS Asia Pacific Forum 2024 will be held on 20-24 April 2024 in Jakarta, just before Nusantara is proclaimed the new capital on 17 August.

The first phase of Nusantara – on the east coast of Borneo, the world's third largest island – will comprise largely government buildings as well as schools, hospitals and entertainment amenities such as shopping malls. A new airport located in Penajam will serve as the primary international airport to Nusantara. A toll road will be built connecting the government central area to the airport, 47km away.

Work has already begun, including clearing land and creating access roads for workers. The target is to have around 1.7 million to 1.9 million people residing in Nusantara by 2045.

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