Sensys Networks goes local to keep delivering

With global demand for many components and raw materials outpacing supply, the ITS industry has not been spared by supply chain shortages and delays – affecting transportation agencies and their projects.
September 21, 2022
Brian Fuller of Sensys Networks
Brian Fuller of Sensys Networks

However, Sensys Networks based in Berkeley, CA, has successfully pivoted to local suppliers and streamlined its supply chain to mitigate these supply issues and aggressively reduce lead times.

This also means that wireless traffic detection equipment from the company complies fully with the recent Buy America requirements of the 2021 Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act and qualifies for federal funding via the FHWA.

“By localising most of our manufacturing, we are far less susceptible to supply chain disruptions that have plagued so many others,” says Brian Fuller, president & COO of Sensys Networks. The benefits for US transportation agencies are clear: shortened lead times, less planning uncertainty, improved inventory availability, and potential access to Buy America federal funding – all while supporting manufacturing jobs in the US.

With the global supply chain issues likely to linger and with federal funding on the table, Sensys says there has never been a better time to support and leverage domestic providers for traffic projects and maintenance.

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