SMATS cuts through data ‘noise’

Data overload is real, according to SMATS, the transportation industry’s self-appointed data architect. Today’s transportation officials face an overwhelming amount of data from a variety of sources—including roadside sensor collected data from vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians, crowdsourced data, connected car data, fleet data and probe data—making it harder to cut through the noise and identify actionable data that leads to optimal outcomes.
September 19, 2022
© David Mcshane |
© David Mcshane |

Given this challenge, SMATS helps traffic operations, engineering and planning departments better manage traffic flow to optimise transportation networks. Delivered through the Cloud, the company’s iNode application ingests complex transportation data from different sources, eliminating redundancies and data conflicts, and then displays the insights in a variety of visual outputs that make it easy to take action.

Use cases include congestion monitoring, work zone management, origin destination analysis, traffic studies, signal retiming and complete streets initiatives.

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