Tattile to unveil the new Vega family and Stark

Italy-headquartered Tattile, whose technology and systems are deployed in a wide range of applications throughout the world, will present several breakthrough innovations. To highlight just two innovations that will wow attendees in Los Angeles, Tattile will unveil the new Vega family as well as the Stark Platform, a modular architecture for demanding AI applications. 
August 29, 2022
Vega 33
Vega 33

The Vega hardware platform is well proven in a whole array of ITS applications, including tolling, enforcement, true vehicle identification, tracking, ANPR, parking, data collection and analysis, as well as detection and recognition of vehicle occupancy. 

The new Vega family comes with easy-to-integrate protocols for seamless and cost-effective adoption as well as simple installation and connection with PoE+ for selected devices. Importantly, the new Vega family incorporates high-quality components to maximise performance life cycle and reduce downtime to zero. 

Also being unveiled is the Standard Tattile Architecture (Stark), an application framework layer common to all new-generation Tattile cameras. It is built to support a modular software structure, fast development, and easy integration of new features and edge algorithms. 

The main features of Stark include a responsive interface; quick configuration wizard; intuitive access to device functionalities; configuration self-check and diagnostic reports; as well as quick performance and results overview. 

The Stark platform provides scalability over a wide range of Tattile devices, and its modular design can be extended to meet all application needs. Built on the latest technology, Stark is optimised for high-performance processing. Standard, legacy, and fully customisable communication protocols are supported, including API REST for seamless integration with third-party back-office systems. The platform features a modern and intuitive web interface with easy camera deployment and configuration.

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