Classification & Data Collection

September 25, 2023
German city aims to see 80% of all trips made via sustainable modes by 2030
September 21, 2023
Ontario city's transit system will still include a cash payment option
September 20, 2023
Five-year contract sees Canadian firm responsible for data collection across 91 sites
September 15, 2023
Company pledges donations to World Resources Institute for mobility projects
September 14, 2023
First Latin American city to use firm's software to plan and schedule entire bus fleet
September 13, 2023
Colombian capital authorities want to look at projects including light rail
September 12, 2023
Travellers can now use contactless and QR codes rather than just Octopus cards or cash
September 11, 2023
City in US Pacific North-west will use ClearGuide to create speed management plan
August 31, 2023
Complete Streets framework is an effort by the US state to lower VRU fatalities
August 30, 2023
Product continuously processes data streams to deliver 100% road monitoring coverage