February 20, 2024
Through traffic in private cars will be drastically reduced and public transport improved
February 19, 2024
There are three main barriers to taking transport ideas from the pilot stage to real-life usage: incompatible technology, local control and limited…
February 19, 2024
Traffic incident alert app uses data sourced from Main Roads Western Australia
February 16, 2024
Walking has declined over the last three years in the US – yet pedestrian fatalities have been rising. Adam Hill looks at new research from…
February 15, 2024
Platform offers software-defined infrastructure including signalised intersections sensors
February 15, 2024
Under Trafikverket agreement, traffic control systems will be adapted to Nordic RSMP-protocol
February 14, 2024
Scottish city wants 'far more sustainable and equitable modes' than the private car
February 13, 2024
Deal with Dubai RTA will see 200mph flights between airport and three city locations
February 12, 2024
Digitisation and more use of AI are among key drivers behind new partnership in UAE
February 9, 2024
Transport Infrastructure Ireland is calling for 1,500 drivers to take part in trial