Tattile gets Smart with Hailo

Hailo-8 AI processor is integrated into Tattile's new Smart+ ANPR camera portfolio
Charging, Tolling & Road Pricing / September 14, 2022
By Adam Hill
AI processing road safety camera technology (© Konstantin Sutyagin | Dreamstime.com)
Smart+ will cover a range of traffic applications (© Konstantin Sutyagin | Dreamstime.com)

AI chipmaker Hailo is to powerTattile's Smart+ range of cameras.

The Hailo-8 AI processor will be integrated into Tattile's new product line, which will offer automatic number plate recognition for applications including vehicle identification, enforcement, congestion control and automatic fare collection.

By integrating a powerful edge AI processor, cameras run ANPR in real time, which the companies say decreases detection latency, lowers overall costs and increases data protection. 

Tattile and Hailo will be presenting at the ITS World Congress in LA on September 19-22, 2022. 

“Hailo-8 offers market-leading performance both in terms of tera-operations per second (TOPs) and frames per second (FPS) per watt with exceptionally low power consumption," says Corrado Franchi, CEO at Tattile.

"The demand for sophisticated ANPR solutions is rising, and, with the help of this integration, we are perfectly situated to drive forward a new era of mobility.” 

Orr Dannon, CEO and co-founder of Hailo, says: “This collaboration will result in better-performing cameras for a wide range of mobility use cases. We look forward to further bolstering the technologies powering the smart cities of the future.”

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