Tattile signs Smart European deals

Smart 2HD cameras used for e-vignette scheme in Slovenia and vehicle classification in Spain
Charging, Tolling & Road Pricing / May 26, 2022
By Adam Hill
Tattile enforcement cameras licence plate violations tolling
Tattile's Smart 2HD cameras can be used for ANPR and classification

Tattile Smart 2HD cameras are playing a key role in two traffic management contracts in two European countries, Slovenia and Spain.

Slovenia's electronic vignette system, E-Vinjeta, was introduced in March this year for vehicles up to 3.5 tonnes, replacing the windshield sticker vignette.

Users enter their vehicle registration plate number and country of  registration, and their toll amount is calculated for a given validity period which is chosen upon purchase.  

To enforce the system, highway concessionaire Dars uses 20 Tattile Smart 2HD cameras, installed on a tripod and located on the roadside, moving from site to site as necessary.

Equipped with a battery power supply and a communication module, the Smart 2HDs read the licence plates of all passing vehicles, enabling Dars to identify vehicles which did not purchase the e-vignette and issue a fine accordingly.

In a separate contract in Spain, Tattile won a tender from the Basque government to install Smart 2D cameras along main roads in the region.

The authorities want to gather traffic flow statistics including an origin/destination matrix to obtain information on how and where vehicles are moving in the area.

The information will be used to optimise peak-time traffic flows and implement real-time adaptive solutions like intelligent traffic light management or opening dynamic lanes.

Classification also allows road maintenance operations to be planned more effectively: for instance, the heavier the vehicles which are using a road, the more frequent will be the maintenance that is needed.

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