Indra brings ITS to Philippines bridge

Technology includes Horus integrated traffic and infrastructure management platform
Charging, Tolling & Road Pricing / June 16, 2022
By Adam Hill
Philippines bridge toll traffic management road safety decarbonisation
Daily traffic on CCLEX is estimated to reach 50,000 vehicles

Indra has installed ITS technology on the Philippines' longest and highest bridge.

Built on concrete piles that rise from the seabed, the recently-opened 8.9km toll road - the Cebu-Cordova Link Expressway (CCLEX) - connects Cebu City to the Municipality of Cordova in Mactan Island.

Run by the Cebu Cordova Link Expressway Corporation (CCLEC), daily traffic is estimated to reach 50,000 vehicles. 

Indra installed its Horus integrated traffic and infrastructure management platform and ITS from its Mova Traffic portfolio on the expressway. 

This allows real-time monitoring and control of all traffic and safety systems incorporated in the infrastructure for traffic management, with a single interface that facilitates operation and decision-making.

Indra says: "The highly-automated system helps to reduce the risk of incidents, automatically detects incidents when they do occur and streamlines incident management."

Static and dynamic weighing systems installed on the bridge mean Indra's solution can restrict overloaded vehicles.

Technology includes CCTV cameras, intelligent incident detection video surveillance, automatic licence plate recognition with speed detection, variable message signs, and emergency telephone posts.

“This project is a clear example of sustainable development where new infrastructure coupled with Indra's technology, besides producing greater safety for drivers, will boost the economies of Cebu and Cordova by making it easier to travel between them and to Mactan international airport," says Berta Barrero, MD of Indra's Mobility market. 

"The reduction in travel times – by reducing CO2 emissions – will also help to improve environmental quality in the region."

Indra is the technology partner of Metro Pacific Tollways Corporation, parent firm of CCLEC, and is also the Philippines' largest toll road concessionaire and operator.

Its highway projects include the Manila urban traffic control centre, and toll systems on various roads including the Metro Manila access highway and North Luzon Expressway.

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