Tolling 'to bring €700bn' to Europe by 2032: report

Ptolemus Consulting Group research suggests that road user charging is on its way
Charging, Tolling & Road Pricing / November 9, 2023
By Adam Hill
Revenue tolling cars road funding crisis vignette © Djedzura |
Collector's item? Electronic tolls represent the future (© Djedzura |

Tolling will bring €700 billion revenue to Europe in the next 10 years, according to a new report by Ptolemus Consulting Group.

It forecasts that the electronic toll collection (ETC) market will have 120 million subscribers in 2032 - and account for 80% of this revenue.

"Despite the public backlash, there is no (credible) alternative to tolling for road funding," the report says.

Many European countries are braced for a funding crisis which will be aggravated by the take-up of electric vehicles and the resulting fall in fuel tax.

The report suggests that truck vignettes will disappear, pushing many countries towards road user charging (RUC) schemes.

Nine countries have GNSS-based RUC systems today, and 11 more in Europe will have implemented an RUC scheme by 2032, Ptolemus suggests.

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