IntelliRoad & Duncan Solutions to cooperate on toll collection

Technology is designed to improve quality of the image review process
Charging, Tolling & Road Pricing / June 28, 2024
By David Arminas
© Vladimir Stanisic |
Partners will work on 'enhancing the experience for all users' (© Vladimir Stanisic |

Tolling specialist IntelliRoad has partnered with collections provider Duncan Solutions.

IntelliRoad said the efficiencies achieved through the collaboration with Duncan will help reduce operating costs at tolling agencies by optimising toll revenue collections with better quality image review processes and data.

The result will be more correct, transparent and timely billing that enhances the overall customer service experience, said Rafael Hernandez, vice president of tolling solutions at IntelliRoad.

“By combining our advanced technology with Duncan’s DMV [Department of Motor Vehicles] expertise, we are set to significantly boost operational efficiencies and revenue for tolling agencies, enhancing the experience for all users.”

The technology will improve the quality of the image review process while instituting checks and balance mechanisms to maximise successful hits in identifying registered owners of vehicles.

IntelliRoad, part of Kyra Solutions, comprises two key divisions, IntelliManage and IntelliConnect.

IntelliManage delivers tolling solutions, including end-to-end licence plate image review and operational backoffice. Meanwhile, IntelliConnect offers technologies such as modular smart ATMS and roadside infrastructure integration and management platform to proactively detect and respond to roadway events.

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