SSI is new Titan of E-ZPass

High-speed, multi-protocol reader is approved for use on widespread US toll system
Charging, Tolling & Road Pricing / October 18, 2022
By Adam Hill
Star Systems Titan reader E-ZPass tolling USA
Titan: reaching standard of 'quality and performance' required by E-ZPass

Star Systems International (SSI) has received E-ZPass approval for its Titan high speed, multi-protocol reader.

With over 50 million E-ZPass devices in circulation, the E-ZPass Group is the world’s largest toll collection programme, stretching across 19 states in the US. 

“E-ZPass is one of the most successful toll collection programmes in the world," said Stephen Lockhart, president of Star Systems America.

"We are very happy to receive this approval for our Titan reader and look forward to providing innovative, next-generation solutions that meet the growing needs of motorists served by E-ZPass."

Jake Royer, technical manager for the E-ZPass Group, said Titan met the "standards of quality and performance that are required for use by our agencies" and emphasised that it wants to expand approved products to member toll agencies".

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