Calling all mentors! ITS New Zealand wants you

NZITS Young Transport Professionals group is relaunching mentoring programme
Mobility as a Service / May 22, 2023
By Adam Hill
ITS New Zealand mentor business coach knowledge transfer © Alexandersikov |
Mentors can help 'forge career pathway' (© Alexandersikov |

ITS New Zealand Young Transport Professionals (YTP) group is relaunching a mentoring programme to pair up younger people in the ITS sector with people who can "help forge their career pathway".  

"The YTP Mentoring Programme will be a special way to contribute to the development of young transport professionals in Aotearoa," explains ITSNZ in a statement.

"The Mentoring Programme will connect mentors and mentees who share professional interests and a desire to support a more sustainable, affordable, and safe future transport system."

The programme will run from June to November 2023 in Auckland, Wellington, and Christchurch, both in-person and online. 

A launch event will be held in the week of 29 May in each of those cities, when mentors and mentees from those areas must attend.

YTP pledges to do its best to match up appropriate people, and is encouraging monthly meetings between mentors and mentees. 

Click here to sign up.

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