Alternate routes with SkedGo’s Traffic-Alt

Traffic incident alert app uses data sourced from Main Roads Western Australia
Mobility as a Service / February 19, 2024
By David Arminas
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Mobility as a Service (MaaS) provider SkedGo has launched Traffic-Alt, a traffic alert app to give drivers information about disruptions to their journey.

SkedGo says that the Traffic-Alt app distinguishes itself by providing users with real-time data on traffic disruptions, including congestion, accidents, roadworks and special events. The app employs geofencing technology to alert drivers to disruptions as they approach an incident or congested area.

It is built for and powered by data sourced from Main Roads Western Australia – the agency in charge of constructing and maintaining the major roads, bridges, verges and reserves in what is Australia’s largest state by area. 

Traffic-Alt offers instant updates on both scheduled and unforeseen events, said Mehdi Langroudi, executive director of network operations for Main Roads Western Australia. It provides road users with timely information for a more seamless travel experience.

Unlike traditional navigation apps, Traffic-Alt does not replace existing mapping solutions. Instead, SkedGo says, it complements them, providing users with the ability to choose their own route based on real-time disruption alerts.

The app allows users to preview disruptions on the map before starting their journey, providing details such as delays, travel times and the nature of the disruption. It operates during the drive, delivering audio and visual notifications for disruptions in the user's specific direction of travel, enhancing situational awareness.

The app is available on both App Store and Google Play.

SkedGo was founded in 2009 and has teams in Germany, Australia, UK, Vietnam and Argentina. The company’s technology currently integrates more than 4,000 transport service providers worldwide.

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