On-demand transport for Reykjavík airport

The Routing Company has partnered with Icelandic national operator Bus4U
Mobility as a Service / May 31, 2024
By Adam Hill
On-demand paratransit fixed route Iceland © Taras Bodnar | Dreamstime.com
The new Bus4U service provides on-demand home-to-work transportation for 2,000 employees at the airport (© Taras Bodnar | Dreamstime.com)

Public transit routing specialist The Routing Company (TRC) is partnering with Icelandic national operator Bus4U, to provide on-demand transport around Keflavík International Airport.

Launching next week, this is the first time TRC’s Pingo app and platform will be available in Iceland.

The airport serves the capital Reykjavík, around 50km away, and the new Bus4U service provides on-demand home-to-work transportation for 2,000 employees at the airport, including those from airline Icelandair and airport operator Isavia.

“With a focus on extending existing transport networks and building greater flexibility into modal options, local employers and Bus4U have chosen to unleash the best of what our products can deliver,” said Dami Adebayo, director of partnerships at TRC.

"We are providing a sustainable alternative to car use, and improving the daily commuting experience through flexible, responsive, and convenient shared buses.”

TRC’s Ride Pingo mobile app and Pingo products will provide on-demand trips, with booking and dispatching completed by TRC’s Pingo Dashboard operations management tool. 

It will provide service when fixed transport lines are not in operation and will use TRC’s Pingo Journey and Pingo Venues features, the latter of which directs drivers and riders to convenient pick-up and drop-off locations, and allows fleet managers to route all requests to specific points within the service area.

“We believe this will be a groundbreaking service for airport employees and it will open up other opportunities to provide on-demand transport services in Iceland,” said Sævar Baldursson, Bus4U chief executive officer.

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