Citymapper & Masabi on board for West Midlands ticketing

Passengers have all-in-one plan, pay and ride experience for UK’s National Express
Mobility as a Service / June 19, 2024
By David Arminas
© Chon Kit Leong |
© Chon Kit Leong |

Citymapper has launched mobile ticketing in the UK, making National Express West Midlands bus ticket purchases available within the Citymapper app, through an integration with Masabi.

The integration gives passengers an all-in-one plan, pay and ride experience. National Express West Midlands passengers can use the Citymapper app to plan their trips and purchase tickets for travel on NXWM buses. NXWM provides on average 210 million bus passenger journeys per year across the West Midlands.

This collaboration is a key component of NXWM’s plan to provide more integrated and environmentally-friendly mobility options to riders. By giving instant mobile ticket access to passengers who have the Citymapper app on their phones, choosing to travel by bus is even easier and more convenient.

The functionality is possible using Masabi’s software development kit. Ticket types available via the Citymapper app include single, day and weekly bus tickets. Customers then validate as they board the bus and scan their ticket using NXWM’s on-board validators.

Citymapper - acquired by ticketing provider Via in 2023 - provides travellers with journey planning across all transport modes available in their cities. Passengers are prompted to purchase tickets at 'intuitive moments' during the planning process.

In 2016, Masabi and NXWM introduced the mTicket app. Building on this, in 2018 Masabi and NXWM unveiled a smart ticketing scheme specifically for students. In 2021, a successful cash digitisation programme for ticket purchases at retail locations was set up.

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