Moovit adds cross-region journey planning capability

Urban mobility app now has functionality for public & shared transport use between cities
Mobility as a Service / March 18, 2024
By Adam Hill
Journey Manchester tram planner MaaS app (© ITS International | Adam Hill)
Cross-region journey planning? There's an app for that (© ITS International | Adam Hill)

Global urban mobility app provider Moovit has added a cross-region journey planning feature in the UK, France and Spain, for users on any mode of public and shared transport.

The company, part of Mobileye, says it has plans to expand this function to more European countries, "as well as many more globally from among the 112 countries that Moovit supports", allowing users to select routes between metropolitan areas.

A three-step process sees users search for any location, choose the desired route from multiple options and then get directions - for example, from London in the south-east of the UK to Manchester in the north-west.

“Used in over 3,500 cities worldwide, Moovit is committed to continually enhance the functionality and value that we provide our users, who rely on our mobility app to comfortably and efficiently navigate public and shared transportation for their work, social lives, and everyday travel needs,” said Yovav Meydad, Moovit’s Chief Growth and Marketing Officer. 

Users' travel patterns are "increasingly dynamic", Meydad says.

Moovit’s core features – multimodal journey planning, real-time arrival information, guided step-by-step directions, service alerts, and personalised travel suggestions – are free for all users. 

The Moovit+ subscription option removes ads from the app and provides access to features such as SafeRide, Line Tracker, Way Finder, Compare Routes and Arrival Updates.

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