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ITSUP is a dedicated platform for entrepreneurs to network and promote their solutions
Mobility as a Service / December 16, 2021
By Adam Hill
Intertraffic start-ups RAI Amsterdam
Start-ups will have the opportunity to pitch innovative solutions to a large audience of traffic technology professionals

Start-ups in the traffic technology and automotive sectors will have a chance to promote themselves and their products at Intertraffic Amsterdam 2022.

The event, which runs from 29 March to 1 April 2022, will offer entrepreneurs their own dedicated platform, called ITSUP.

This will be integrated into the main event, offering an opportunity to pitch innovative solutions to a large audience of traffic technology professionals. 

ITSUP will have its own open stage available for presentations as well as a networking corner facilitating matchmaking with businesses, cities and government authorities.

There is also scope for live demonstrations in and around RAI Amsterdam, the venue for Intertraffic. 

The organisers say products need to be globally applicable and hyper-scalable (with the potential for rapid growth) with a high feasibility factor.

"The link between a company’s brand and innovation is very valuable in this day and age so ITSUP is of interest to both start-ups and sponsors alike”, says Joyce de Winter, exhibition director of Intertraffic Amsterdam.

“The number of smart mobility start-ups keeps rising which is why a lot of companies want to cooperate with young, innovative businesses. ITSUP works both ways; by providing start-ups with a platform to pitch their ideas they can find suitable partners while established companies can look for new and relevant concepts within the industry.”

To be eligible, the start-up must cover one or more of the following industries: traffic technology, telecom, automotive, service providers, security industry or ICT.

Companies which meet the start-up criteria can sign up for the event through the Intertraffic website.

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